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Ayesha Akram Assaulted by 400+ men at Minar-e-Pakistan

By: Nighat M. Ishaque(MBA in HR principal at KKSS)


Ayesha Akram is a famous tiktoker star of Lahore. On 14th Of August she went Lahore’s greater park Iqbal Park at Minar-e-Pakistan to make a video by the permission of the concerneds. When she reaches at the point from where starts video making one of the men pull her hand and she felt down at 6:30pm. 

The whole story of harassment starts from 6:30pm to 9:00pm, From more than 2 hours she was sexually harassed and abused at a public place. she was Continously begging and rescuing herself against 400men. According to her statement; There was not a single guy who took action against but they all took her as an advantage and pulling her body parts and throwing her here and there, Atlast when she felt unconscious one of the boy (she was not sure about his age) gave water to her but she can’t even drink a drop of water as she badly disturbed mentally and physically. She was asking for deliverance of restrain but no one find out her current situation at that time.


Many of the people are commenting against Ayesha Akram that why she went at that place where there was not a single woman there, I can’t deny what they really mean to say but don’t you think so if we support such kind of statements we will indirectly supporting such kind of acts by blaming(Our women).


She was even feel ashamed at this act( Harassment) and without taking any action she was quite but when she watch her videos uploaded at different social sites, she register an FIR against 400 men at lahore. Many of her supporters or even those(Lolly wood stars, Journalists, Social workers, politicians) who even don’t know her before, support her at this act of hardihood.

At the end I’m concluding this case it’s not only Ayesha Akram but a number of children, women, teenagers girls or even boys too are sexually harassed day by day at Minar-e-Pakistan, Schools, Colleges, Madarassahs, Universities, Malls, Motorways, Political Jalsas, Buses and even in thier graves. The “negligence of government” support these wolves for doing such kind of acts & if the concerned authorities still shut at this moment it soon becomes the culture…..

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