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Half of population don’t know how to operate ATM machine, how will they operate an electronic voting machine; Ismail Rahu


Provincial Minister for Boards and Universities Ismail Rahu has termed the use of electronic voting machine as a complete hostage to the elections and said that the vote-stealing government has created a new controversy. He expressed these views in his Press statement.

Ismail Rahu, while questioning the PTI government, said that who will guarantee that votes will not be stolen in the electronic voting machine?, Electronic machine can easily steal votes, Imran Khan is lying to the public.

Ismail Rahu said that democracy has been hijacked in this country through fraudulent elections under Ayub, Zia and Musharraf.

The provincial minister said that when half of the people of the country do not know how to operate an ATM machine, how will they operate an electronic voting machine? The general elections in the country should be transparent.

He said that this machine could also be stolen, Are the selected Khan running away from the election from the ballot paper?

They did not come through the ballot paper nor did they believe in the ballot paper, The experience of electronic voting machine has already failed in many countries.


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