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University and a student

By: Aqeel Khoso

After qualifying intermediate i was seeing myself in university as others students.To join university is every student’s dream.
Some join for the purpose of getting higher education and also some join just for fun and wasting 4 years of lives.
when a student admits in university he/she forget his purpose of joining, he spends his precious years of his life at canteen for half cup of tea with Comrades or he himself declared as Comrade .
Couple of students never forget and ignores their ambition they focused and spend every seconds of themselves lives according to decided goals. Proudly i can say myself too count in there.
University gives us a lot opportunities to reach at our destination, but these opportunities are gained by those who have passion, dedication, believe in hard work to achieve goal.
University gives always peaceful atmosphere it’s upto you how do you take it! never blame at any universities for your disappointments. University gives return same whatever you give. As you sow so shall you reap.

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