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World Women Foundation head expresses concern over rising abductions & sexual abuse


Rukhsar Butt, head of the World Women’s Foundation, has expressed grave concern over the rising incidents of abduction and sexual abuse of innocent children across the country, including in Karachi.

She said that those who abused innocent girls and women did not deserve to be called human beings, every day we hear of a new incident of brutality which is alarming.

Moreover she said, Effective legislation is needed by the government to prevent such heinous incidents.

It is very unfortunate that laws are made in this country but the perpetrators easily escape from the clutches of exemplary punishment, she added.

Head of World Women Foundation share that, This fact is a source of encouragement for the criminal elements.

She said that these crimes can be stopped by holding the trial of the perpetrators of sexual abuse in the shortest possible time and giving them heinous punishments and asked for Serious steps should have to be taken in this regard.

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