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Being women in Pakistan

By: Bisma Jatoi


In our wildest thoughts we do dream of a gender segregated Pakistan where not just institutions but parliaments, courts, armed forces, hospitals, and every other sector must run separately for both genders because country ruled by men cannot provide justice to women victims.

It might appear utopian but women suffragist movement, American war of independence and french revolution were also labeled idealistic but they changed history entirely. Unfortunately, Rulers of this country have shamelessly failed us. We no more want justice, we demand equal place in power to solve our problems ourselves.

This week and two have been a terrible time for Pakistani women. We might celebrate festivities, vacations or feasts but our sub-conscious kept flashing images of Usman mirza, Umer Memon, Zahir jaffer and many such monsters who make us question the credibility of every other man around us.

Women comprise around half of the population of Pakistan, yet, we suffer brutally. Politically, we are selected by party authorities instead of directly elected from constituencies. Economically, we are still compelled to choose between family or career.

Financial independence makes us less acceptable for marriage proposals because too bold. We sometimes opt for medicine to get a good suitor and not practice it actually. Mentally, we are abused and conditioned according to a men’s world not human world.

No matter how many Quratulains die and be perished by some psychopaths.

On the other hand, we are sometimes divorced for giving birth to a baby girl because one more victim should not be brought to this world. Men want more of their companions in crime. In that matter, Women are probably the most brave specie on earth because we have got all the options to die from. Our heads can be chopped off, bodies burnt, face mutilated, or emotions shattered.

What are the reasons that Pakistan being one of the few countries which have had female head of government once, fails miserably in saving its women population? With every consecutive year, our Aurat March protestors bring more issues to light yet we receive no respite. From motorways to personal rooms, digital space to private space, we are not safe.

We claim it and cry it out with all the little energy we are left with. We feel horrified and doomed just because we are born women. Nevertheless, our shameless leaders have the audacity to bring morality and religion to justify the malicious acts of their fellow gender. Pakistan needs structural reforms along with instant redressal to stop the growing number of violent acts against women.

These cases are nothing but an explicit show of power tactics by men who find themselves threatened by women empowerment. Therefore, women empowerment measures without ensuring protection for them is sheer idiocy.

We want equal share in power!

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  1. Danish Liaquat says

    my dearest sister you have written the naked truth of the country of not being able to provide equal rights to women since her(country) birth.
    we(nation)must learn to accept the equality and equity of women.
    Women are more powerful tha men because they give birth to men. Hence women is creator of man by the help of lord.

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