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Political orphans in Khangarh came together not for sake of people but for their own survival; Jam Ikramullah Dharejo


Jam Ikramullah Dharejo Provincial Minister for Industries & Commerce, Cooperative Department & Anti-Corruption, Sindh, while giving his reaction about the Minus PPP Ittehad meeting in Khangarh, has said that majority of the people gathered at the meeting were people of the political orphans rejected by the party, in the coming local body elections, the PPP will wreak havoc with the people’s power as it did with the GDA Alliance in the past.

Jam Ikramullah Dharejo said that the majority of the participants in this meeting are those who consider the people as their mercenary slaves and intimidate them to get votes like slaves.

They should keep this in mind that now the people have become aware and they have been given this awareness by the PPP manifesto.

Provincial Minister Jam Ikramullah Dharejo further said that majority of the people present at the meeting , were those who in the past cwme into power riding on the shoulders of dictators and had been making political maneuvers in various parties. ‘

The people of Sindh are now asking these people. What did they do for the welfare of the people during their tenure and ministries’ he asked.

He said that PPP has always come to power on the strength of the people and inshallah PPP opponents will also suffer a humiliating defeat in the coming elections.

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