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Pakistan Railway personnel from rohri returned the lost money to passenger


Pakistan Railway Police personnel set a high example of honesty with duty by returning the lost money and luggage to the passenger.  According to Dawood Malik, spokesman of Railway Police Sukkur, Saleem Rahmani, a resident of Pak Nagar area of   Lahore, reached Karachi Cantt to celebrate Eid with his family and instead of the scheduled train, he put his luggage in Rehman Baba Express to Peshawar. 

When Dawood found out that he had boarded on the wrong train, he hurriedly got off the train without picking up his luggage. And when he realized that his luggage is on the wrong train he lost his mind and was really bummed about it.

He reached Rohri Junction on his scheduled train, Saleem Rehmani informed the railway police, on which the Rohri police station officials instructed the patrolling personnel to return the goods safely and as soon as the message was received, the railway police personnel started searching the train for the lost goods and money. 

The air bag was recovered in short time and handed over to the owner at Rohri station.  Saleem sincerely thanked the Pakistan Railway Police personnel for the safe return of the money.

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