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We will never accept FIX-IT workers in PSF organization says: Atta ur Rehman


Dr. Att-ur-rehman, a senior leader of Peoples Students Federation student wing of Pakistan Peoples Party Karachi and former president of Federal Urdu University, issued a statement condemning the appointment on posts in PSF Karachi division.

He said for the first time in history, PTI fix-It workers have been included in the division. PSF Karachi Division this time has been handed over to a few non-organized political workers including, Faraz Khaskheli, Talal Chandio, Jamshed Alam which may cause non-political minor damage to students in future.

Dr. Ata-ur-Rehman, a senior leader of PSF and former president of Federal Urdu University, further said that those who have been working hard for PSF day and night have been put up beside the wall, which will cause damages to the party’s reputation.

Among the people who have been given posts is the PSF General Secretary who is an official of the Fix-It team and loyal to Alamgir Khan. On the other hand, recommended people have been given posts.

If the Sindh Cabinet had to make such decisions, senior students would not have fooled the students by sticking them to the wall. We can never accept this new slip mafia. He further appealed that Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and the top leadership of the Pakistan Peoples Party Sindh should take immediate action and allow instruction to reorganize the PSF Karachi division organization.

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