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Malir Bar Lawyers Boycott court proceedings


Malir Bar boycotted court proceedings against the murder of lawyer Azmat-u-Allah and fraudulent and fabricated FIRs over senior advocates namely Ayaz Lateef Palejo, Abdul Khaliq Jonejo, Sajad Ali Shah and others on the call of Pakistan Bar Council here on yesterday.

On that occasion General Secretary of Malir Bar lawyer Riaz Ahmed Chandio talked with journalists that Azmat-u-Allah Kasi was killed painfully at Quetta also Fabricated FIRs are lodged against senior lawyers Ayaz Lateef Palejo, Sajad Ahmed Chandio and Abdul Khaliq Jonejo with the act of terrorism according to the incident of Bahria Town because they speak for the freedom of expression.

He said that lawyers are also unsecured in Pakistan and are being assaulted and killed whose killers have not been arrested yet. He said that Malir Bar has striked against reprisals over senior lawyers who respect law and constitution by the call of Pakistan Bar Council and suspended the court proceedings.

He further said that false and fabricated FIRs on lawyers, torture and their killing marks question on provincial and federal government, why just receptions are being against lawyers.

He demanded that murderers of lawyer Azmat-u-Allah Kasi be arrested and fabricated and false FIRs on lawyers should be canceled if not then they will become coerced to extend their protest.

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