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PTI MNA Makhdoom Zain expresses grief over loss of lives in Ghotki Train incident


PTI MNA, Makhdoom Zain Hussain Qureshi has said it’s his first visit after Padamic of Sindh Province.

He expressed grief and prayed for those who lost their loved ones in Ghotki Train incident and also prayed for early recovery of those who are suffering from injuries .

Makhdoom Zain Hussain Qureshi ha said while addressing the press conference at Hyderabad Press Club. He said The PM has asked for the Report .

He said People from Thar blessed our family. He also stated People of Umerkot Have no Playground for Sport activities and we ensured them before our government to fulfill their wishes , and today we have completed our promises and now the main motto of grounds inauguration in Umerkot That’s the only motive of my visit.

He said that before our Government country’s economy went down in this regard we were trying our best.

He said that the 3.5 percent growth had been recorded. And we achieved our target. He said in the 17 years history of Pakistan the industry has been facing crises and now we have got lots of orders for economic bostup , He also said that the Agriculture sector is boosting up.

Wheat production is on high peak in the history of Pakistan this our big achievement Pti has Started Ahsas Program and we are providing more than 5 crore people and giving cash money in the Pandemic time , He said we have decided to implement a Smart lock down in Pakistan that is our government’s success . The effective ratio is very low and decreasing. And vaccination across the country is going fast and we have also saved some money for purchasing vaccinations.

In Sindh there are huge crises of water and it’s decided by the IRSA to give share to the different provinces by its due share. He said there are mind set few people who are have misunderstanding in their own mind regarding water crisis and they are dealing as issue of sindh and Punjab he said i thought it’s wrong perception we are treating all provinces as equal and as a part Of Pakistan .

Because the agriculture sector depends on the water I knew very closely because of my background is from the Agriculture sector . In the Share of Punjab’s water and share was cut off Punjab and there is still existing our all Shortfall. Zain Qureshi said there is in a sindh manyillegal connection of water in Sindh because of the election .

Sindh River is also facing crises and shortfall MNA Lal Malhi and federal parliamentary secretary for human rightssaid while addressing the press conference.

Bahria Town is encroached by Influntila builders with the help of Pakistan People’s Party, he said i strongly condemn who attacked on bahria town he said i assure there no anybody who is hailing from sindh he / she will never compromise over the issue of sindh . l

He said in Tando Allahyar Our Local leader of PTI M.r Ali Palh had raised the issue of water crises and theft and he showed the Canal of influence in his own district now the FIR lodged against him.

He also said Sindh is facing multiple issue and challenges including suicide , Law and order suiation and many others its failure of its provincial gorvemrnet.

PTI MNA Jai Parkash Ukrani and PTI leader Chelaram Kewalani were accompanied .

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