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Karachi will be made a clean and world class metropolitan city, Sindh Local Government Secretary


Efforts of Sindh Local Government Department (SLGD) for the cleaning of storm water drains and finding permanent solution of garbage issue has started showing results.

In an exclusive interview with our correspondent, Sindh Local Government Secretary Syed Najam Ahmad Shah said that as a result of just one week’s operation, 830,244 cubic feet of silt collected from the various storm water drains of the city have been transferred to landfill sites and the whole process is under continuous monitoring. 

According to Najam Ahmad Shah, in seven days, 251397 cubic feet of garbage was collected from District South, 274976 cubic feet from West District, 22980 cubic feet from the rainwater drains of Eastern Municipality, 237082 cubic feet from Central District and 18223 cubic feet from Malir District. 25,586 cubic feet of waste has been transferred from District Korangi to landfill sites. Giving details of landfill sites, Sindh Local Government Secretary said that 303870 cubic feet of silt has been delivered to the landfill site of Jam Chakro and 526374 cubic feet to the landfill site of Gond Pass. 

Engineer Syed Najam Ahmad Shah said that all the members of the committee set up for the process of cleaning the storm drains are fulfilling their responsibilities with utmost diligence and sincerity and the ground monitoring and critical vigilance is going on continuously.

The Sindh Local Government Secretary clarified that the process of widening and cleaning of storm drains would continue without any fear or favor so that the residents of the city would not face any inconvenience or trouble in future.

Najam Ahmad Shah vowed that making Karachi a world class metropolitan city is the mission of Sindh Local Government Department and development/sanitation activities will continue throughout the province

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