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Bleeding Oceans, By Nighat M.Ishaque


It’s not from years but decades it’s not only in Burma but Qaza, Sham, Kashmir, India, and especially Palestine where the Muslims are mercilessly killed by non-Muslims.

Muslims in India:
India where the minority of Muslims are killed by Hindus around 204 million Muslims 2019 estimated till Now. India’s Muslim population is about the world’s third-largest Muslim minority population India is home to 10.9% of the world’s Muslim population besides this fact the death toll of the figure range from the official estimate of 790 to 20000 Muslims killed by detestation of Hindus.

Muslims in Burma:
The Rohingya Who numbered around 1 million in Myanmar at the start of 2017, is one of the many ethnic minorities of the country. Rohingya Muslims represent the largest percentage of Muslims in Myanmar with the majority living in the Rakhine state. Besides this fact, the largest percentage of Muslims(according to Wikipedia more than 24000+ Muslims) in Burma were killed mercilessly by the Myanmar military and other optimists Buddhists.

Muslims in Kashmir:
The Muslims in Kashmir are about 12.55 million while its area is 222, 236 km square the insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir is an uprising or violence against the Indian administrators of Jammu and Kashmir. It’s one of the most serious conflicts between India and Pakistan. It’s a primary responsibility of the United Nations Association as Kashmiris are surviving for a long period. And as a result of the negligence of these authorities more than 40000 Kashmiris are killed by Indian armed forces, thousands of children harassed and millions of women are raped.

Muslims in Palestine:
Islam is the major religion in Palestine being the religion of the majority of the Palestinian population. Muslims comprise 85% of the population of the West Bank which including Israeli settlers & 99% of the population of the Gaza strip. According to a report of Wikipedia civilian death rate is 1099-2800, 4791 killed by Israeli armed forces while 8611 Palestinians are wounded till 2021.

Muslims in Syria:
The Sunni Muslims wake up the overwhelming majority of the country(75% of Syria’s total population). They always are the minority group(10% of the country’s population). followed by Shia Ismailis is (1%) & Shia Twelvers(20%). There are also Kurdish & Turkmen in Northern Syria. Since the Syrian Civil War begins nearly 585,000 people have been killed, including more than 21,900 children. The war has been settled since the foreign powers resolved this conflict.

So, it’s not the current or contemporary issue that how Muslims are surviving, harassed, killed(shaheed), wounded, raped, burnt, and tortured by Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, and other optimists. It’s a huge question mark on Muslims developed countries, Muslims superpowers, Muslim leaders, Muslims representations, United Nation Associations, and other international associations!

Article by:

Nighat M.Ishaque


Muhammad Ali Jinnah University Karachi

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