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Announcements from the Chief Minister of Punjab and the Negative Role of ADLR Rahim Yar Khan


By: Hafiza Qant-ur-Rehman, wife of Muhammad Asif, Nazima Madrasa Maria for girls

Government officials will correct their ways, but a painful and tragic agreement was reached at the ADLR (Assistant Director Land Records) office in Rahim Yar Khan District, Punjab, in order to transfer the land owned by his mother. Rahim Yar Khan has not yet reached the effect of the announcements and measures taken by the Punjab Chief Minister.

Due to a lack of checks and balances, he considers it an insult to visit the office before 12 noon. In an hour and a half, they get out of their personal affairs by allocating their essentials. After ten or fifteen days in the ADLR office, when they appeared, we complained to them about their anti-people behavior. I was furious with the criticism. Ordered to take off the niqab. I prayed a lot and argued that you have exposed the mother who gave you.

If I have my original identity card, NADRA biometrics, and witnesses, then the order to remove my niqab is illegal and immoral. Mo suf said with a sarcastic smile, “Come when the heart is willing to take off the burqa.” He stubbornly took off his burqa in front of everyone. I in Chuck 72-NP documented myself and my mother Maria Batool Arbab number 2992 h Volume No. 2342 Requested for two plots in the year 2013 that our registers were not computerized by your staff after the records were computerized.

Instead of simply registering on his computer on a simple request, ADLR, in view of its stubbornness, demanded a certified copy from the Sub-Registrar and a report from the Patwari, Law, and Gowar Tehsildar / After submitting the NOC locker, we removed dozens of objections. We were forced and disappointed that there was no hearing and no progress.

I urge the Prime Minister, Chief Minister of Punjab, Ombudsman of Punjab, Commissioner Bahawalpur, especially the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take notice of the disgusting and negative role of ADLR Rahim Yar Khan and agree to ADLR for inclusion in our leased and registered plots record.

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