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Ticking bomb of climate change; time to act 


By: Tahreem Jatoi

It would be injustice and ignorance to say that Global warming is a new phenomenon and the measures taken today are nowhere to be found in 90s. Though, not at a practical level but vigilance in those days baffled almost everyone of us when Columbia Daily Spectator uploaded their column, published in 1997. Titled in bold letters; “TOMORROW’S WEATHER BROUGHT TO YOU BY; BIG POLLUTERS”. Followed by something like this; “GLOBAL WARMING HAS ALREADY BEGUN.,
The forecast by “more than 2000 of the world’s top scientists:
●Killer heat waves
●Infectious disease
●Intense storms
“Now, fearing profits are at risk, the coal, oil, and auto industries, are lobbying hard to convince president Clinton not to take action to reduce global warming”.
Likewise, if columns and advertisements back then can contribute to make a difference, why not us.

Nevertheless, a full stop can be put to this generational curse if youth, specially, take things seriously to avoid some dreadful events awaiting us. According to Environment News Service, 60% of methane (a dangerous greenhouse gas which exists in the atmosphere for about a decade) is emitted into atmosphere by human activities. And its reduction can prevent 260,000 premature deaths and 775,000 asthma related hospital visits.

Pakistan, however, has already showed its vulnerability through water scarcity, flash Floods and heat waves. Though the Government has introduced eco friendly programmes to mitigate climate change such as Seasonal Tree campaigns, Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Programme (TBTTP), Citizen Engagement programme and WASH. To make it more sustainable, eco friendly gestures such as  biodegradable bags or plant saplings, seeds, recycled products and reusable products should be exempted of taxes. This would not only encourage buyers, it can put stop to growing garbage.

However, In order to obliterate this from roots, Pakistan’s Government should add Climate change , its causes, consequences, implications and measures into syllabus of children so that future generation could be mindful of planet Earth.

To make a difference, it’s an individual responsibility too to start and halt future implications.  If not , taking part in Climate action programmes and projects happening around you will make a mark. Let them cater you and save human beings from an apocalyptic situation. The ongoing initiatives, for instance Project Clean Green under British Council is paving a way for youth in Sindh by training youngsters to start their projects in their respective communities.

All in all save your planet, denialism would only backslide.

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