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Pakistan based US mental health expert gives talk to Thari students


Thar Education Alliance (TEA) has organized a motivational talk ‘Road to Success’ of Pakistan based US mental health expert Dr. Ramesh Kumar Shivani on May 27, 2021.

The purpose of the talk was to mentor growing youth, and to encourage them for physical activities rather to take stress, tension, depression, and mental disorder in their early age while doing struggle and hardships.

According to Sindh Mental Health Authority a total of 767 cases of suicide were registered in Sindh in the five-year period. The data showed that Tharparkar district had the highest number of suicides in five years (79). It also had the highest female suicides (48) in the entire province with more women (48) ending their lives than men (31).

It has been reported that poverty and social inequalities in Sindh have led to a sharp rise in young women taking their own lives in the Tharparkar district.

While delivering the talk, Dr. Shivani shared his journey from a small village of Tharparkar, Malhnor to Cincinnati, Ohio, he highlighted various relaxation techniques, time-management skills and group therapies that can help in effective stress management and performance enhancement among students.

He accentuated that the complete elimination of stress is not realistic but various tools and techniques can help in its regulation and management. “There is an immense need to maintain stability and balance of bodily functions whilst we deal with the day to day academic and run of the mill work. There is a need to devote proper time for work, relaxation, fun and at the same time generate the endurance to hold up under pressure and deal with the challenges head on,” Dr. Shivani said.

“There is a need for increased attention towards breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, meditation, proper sleep schedule, so that while we prepare ourselves to face challenges in life, our mental health isn’t affected,” he added.

Dr. Shivani stressed that a positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results. Growing cadre needs to act positive, and bring positive sights in every activity, ups and downs are the part of life but if they reads the stories of successful personalities and renowned figures they shall surely get to know that how tough it was for them to showcase their work and worth.
“if problem occurs in your life, it doesn’t mean that you’ve to end the life, you can go to resolve the problem, tackling issue should be your strategy, facing the ups and downs and obstacles makes you stronger, but it is true that there are certain minds who believes that discussing mental issues in our community is taboo, its dire need to counter such narratives. In developed countries there are therapies and rehabilitations center, but here still we are facing issues like lack of awareness, illiteracy, if someone having signs or indication of mental disorders, he/she must be treated in a proper way. Concern authorities and key stake holders should play their pivotal role in tackling this issue”, Dr Shivani said.

Chief Executive Officer, TEA, Partab Shivani was moderating the session, and it was also broadcasted through their digital outlets.

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