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FPCCI ignores real trade bodies; Muhammad Arshad Jamal


The FPCCI is acting in defiance of the law and the real trade bodies are being ignored. Provisions of the Trade Organization Act, 2013 If there is no such association to represent a particular trade, the Executive Committee shall be free to nominate persons to such committee outside the membership of the FPCCI.

These views were expressed by Muhammad Arshad Jamal, Senior Vice Chairman, All Pakistan Customs Agents Association, while addressing a meeting here yesterday.

He said that the All Pakistan Customs Agents Association (APCAA) on Wednesday strongly criticized the appointment of a convener sub-committee of customs agents of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) from the non-member association.

What is the concern In a letter sent to me by the President of the FPCCI and the Director-General of the Trade Organization (DGTO), the Chairman APCAA said that he strongly condemned and rejected the appointment of any person from a non-member organization. Because he was not selected by the executive committee nor was he recommended. As a result, the committee will represent the APCAA.

He said that the APCAA executive committee has adopted his voice. The chairman has nominated himself who was a member of the executive committee of the FPCCI for the year 2020 and has declared the appointment of a person from the non-member body of the convener sub-committee of customs agents as wrong and against it. But the federation has ignored our recommendation and appointed a person from the non-member association for the said post.

Pursuant to Trade Organization Rule No. 6 (f), every registered trading entity must become a member of the FPCCI upon registration under the Trade Organization Act, 2013. Formed under the Organization Act, 2013, which provides licenses and guidance to associations to join reputable FPCCI.

Articles of Memorandum Association (MOA) of FPCCI Under Article 10, the Executive Committee of the FPCCI shall consist of one of the two nominated representatives on the General Body of each trade organization. At the time of nomination, each trade association will indicate who it belongs to.

Both nominees will represent it on the FPCCI Executive Committee. Mohammad Arshad Jamal said the laws were designed to prevent situations where the safety of member businesses could be jeopardized through the FPCCI. Working together in harmony. While all members have goals to achieve in their respective areas of trade organizations which as a whole act like an umbrella which leads to widespread chaos and disruption of functions and the Trade Organization Act 2013 and the FPCCI Association.

There is a violation of the memorandum and the article which will be fully acted upon. With this in mind, Mohammad Arshad Jamal urged the President FPCCI and the DGTO to look into the matter themselves and issue a directive to withdraw the appointment letter from a non-member organization. Appoint a Convener Sub-Committee of Customs Agents as per the recommendations of APCAA.

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