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Pakistan announced Islamic Summit Conference and formulate a concrete plan on Palestine Issue: Secretary General Sheran-e-Islam Pakistan


The government of Pakistan should announce the convening of the Islamic Summit Conference and formulate a concrete plan of action for the future. Israel is massacring unarmed Palestinians.

The time has come for the Muslim Ummah to realize the Zionist conspiracy and plan to spoil it. All Muslim countries must stop Israeli operations through joint efforts.

If the ongoing Israeli killings on Gaza are not stopped immediately, a major humanitarian crisis could erupt that will continue for decades. These views were expressed by Muhammad Aftab Ahmad, Secretary General, “Sheeran-e-Islam-e-Pakistan”, while addressing a protest rally on Friday against Israeli terrorism and in support of the oppressed Palestinians.

He added that Israel had not committed war crimes but had committed grave human rights abuses. Netanyahu should be brought to justice. Even the media building in Gaza has been destroyed and UN installations have been targeted.

Speaking on the occasion, Sahibzada Prof. Muhammad Haseeb Ahmad Naziri, Amir of “Sheeran Islam Pakistan” Azad Kashmir said that we cannot remain silent on the issue of Palestine.

The United Nations should deploy an international security force for the protection of the Palestinians and Pakistan and Islamic countries should fully participate in it. If this is not possible, then Islamic countries should work on their peacekeeping forces because the oppressed Palestinians cannot be handed over to the oppressive Israelis.

Under the auspices of “Sheran-e-Islam Pakistan”, where protests are taking place across the country today, full-fledged protest banners have been put up in Islamabad to show solidarity with our Muslim Palestinian brothers.

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