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Faiq slams fostering of ‘non-parliamentary’ and ‘unethical’ values in parliament


Chairman, Amn Taraqqi Party (ATP) Muhammad Faiq Shah has stated that anti-state powers are on target owing to present internal turmoil in the country, which has been deteriorating overall security situation.

Faiq Shah while talking to reporters here on Wednesday said that it is the prime duty of the government to secure life and property of the people.

He emphasized that overall security should be reviewed and ensure better functioning of the relevant institutions.

He noted that Hybrid war has been intensifying whereas rise in crime incidents in federal capital is highly worrisome.

Seed of personal war and hatred is being sown in parliament, says ATP chief.

He added that the non-parliamentary’, and unethical behaviours have caused nurturing of intolerance and extremism.

Mr Shah noticed that bullying of hurling ‘Shoe’ on each other has been given instead of making legislation in the lower house of the parliament.

He noticed that the hurling of ‘Shoe’ on each other has been warned instead of making legislation in the lower house of the parliament, saying that the tradition isn’t a good omen and is fostering undemocratic values.

Attempts have been made to use scuffle, abusive language and every incident as a tool for political gains, he added.

Meanwhile, the ATP general secretary Sohail Malik, Arsalan Shah and Awais Khan while speaking at a meeting asked the government and opposition to shun from political point scoring and ‘gimmick’, government and to make legislations and decisions in best interest of general public, and avoid creating division in masses.

Otherwise, the party leaders furthermore said the people will hold strictly accountable to political leaders.

Therefore, they advised them to escape from this turmoil and make a joint strategy for reforms.

People have fed up with democratic fascism, the ATP leaders observed, adding that the basic right to live from people of all federating units, including Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan has been snatched and made their life miserable.

They vowed that the party would continue to raise voice for amicable resolution of public issues at every forum.

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