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What is the real meaning of humanity? By: Sumaira


Humanity is the entire human race or the characteristics that belong uniquely to a human being such as kindness, mercy, and sympathy An example of humanity is all the people in the world.

Humanity is treating someone with kindness. Humanity means caring for and helping others whenever and wherever possible humanity means helping others at a time when they need that help the most humanity means forgetting our selfish interests at times when others need our help.

\Humanity means extending unconditional love to each and every living being on earth. Humanity is observed when a person feels the pain of others, he is scared of God and faces troubles while providing relief and happiness to others. When a person follows the path of hardships when he does justice, when he forgives others when he has mercy on others, then merciful. Feelings are born in him.

When he starts to differentiate between right and wrong then a human is able to call himself a human being.

The basic purpose of human life is that they should help one another fulfill all duties which are related to another human being because God says, do not snatch rights of others, don’t insult any person whether he is rich or poor.

As we pursue humanity our goal should be to sympathize and empathize with those in worse conditions. To some people, the goal of humanity is hand-to-mouth existence. To others, the goal is to amass as much wealth and power as possible. Other humans are just happy to be alive. The humanities play a number of roles in a man’s life.

Including providing greater insight into the world, helping to better understand both the past and future, and fostering a sense of empathy. Broadly defined the humanities are study human culture through art, literature, philosophy, and languages.

Always try to be helpful to everyone because life is too short to afford negativity. Humanity never makes a person weak but it makes him stronger enough to bear all difficulties and trouble and make him good and respectful.

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