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Villagers gathers on wine shop issue at Soomar Kandani


People of Oldest villages of Soomar Kandhani and Ismail Kandhani met on the issue of wine shop at villages where both villages residents participated and condemned the act of possible transferring wine shop Murad Memon village towards their villages.

On that occasion Nisar Ahmed Khaskheli, Sikandar, Daood Khaskheli, PPP leader Manzoor Khaskheli, PPP Youth leaders Zeeshan, Idrees, Aijaz Hanif, Mujahid, Imran Haider and others said that they will start a protest movement against possible transfor of wine shop towards their villages.

They said that they have need of pure water, health and education instead of wine shop but some influential people want to set up wine shop at Soomar Kandani beside secondary school in order to make environment of village bad which will not be acknowledged what may happen.

They called illegal to the opening of wine shop and said that they will not let their generation go to the devastation. They said that setting up a wine shop is a conspiracy to keep their children into drugs in spite of education so they will not allow anyone to open a wine shop in their village and will go through fire and water against its opening.

Villagers set up coordination committee and announced to have resistance againt wine shop.

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