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Karachi witnesses sharp increase in crimes in first 3 months of 2021


Karachiites have witnessed a rise in crimes during first three months of the year 2021 ,98 murder cases reported in city whereas as compare to the ratio of all over province highest numbers of murders reported in district east of Karachi.

According to crime statistics compiled by the Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC), 477 cars/four wheelers including 11,971 motorcycles snatched and theft in Karachi within three months. It was learned that around 30 percent of said snatched or theft cars and motorcycles have been recovered by the police whereas rest of the citizens are compelled to visit police stations to search their vehicles.

As per CPLC report during three months 5,982 mobile phones snatched from citizens of Karachi of which an estimated 40 percent has been recovered by the Karachi police.

However, Five Kidnapping, Six Ransom and One bank robbery case reported in the city during the said period.

In addition, including Attack on Rangers Vehicle eight terrorist attacks reported in which one rangers personnel as well as nine police personals were injured.

Similarly according to CPLC report , 10 cars snatched in January, 16 in February and 21 in the month of March 2021. As well as 276 motorcycles snatched in the city in January, 353 in February and 426 in March.

Whereas 2013 mobile phones snatched from karachiites in the month of January, 1795 in February and 2,174 mobile phones snatched in March 2021.

Moreover, during the year 2021 biggest robbery case reported in Jamshed Quarters Police Station which was the robbery of prize bonds worth Rs. 30 Million , after the said incident Karachi police formed an investigation team and fortunately accuseds have been arrested and the police has recovered 25 Million Rupees Prize Bonds from them.

Furthermore according to the monthly report of Special Branch regarding Heinous Crimes in the Province highest numbers of murders , rape and snatching cases reported in district east of Karachi .

SSP East while speaking with the Senior Journalist Abdullah Solangi regarding rise of crime rate in district east stated that the cases are rising due to the large area and less police stations.

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