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It is after the announcement from Holy Father Pope Francis that the Archdiocese of Karachi received another humble servant of God in the shape of a new archbishop Benny Mario Travas in the Archdiocese of Karachi, Pakistan. 

On Thursday, 11th Feb 2021, Pope Francis accepted the resignation of His Eminence Joseph Cardinal Coutts, Archbishop of Karachi, who stepped down after reaching the canonical retirement at the age of 75 in July 2020.

It was the same Pope Francis who appointed Archbishop Benny Mario Travas as a Bishop of Multan Diocese on 29th May 2015; and now elevated him as an Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Karachi.

The Prelate of the Archdiocese has chosen “COMMUNION” as his motto which is deep in its meaning in the context of ‘unity in diversity’, and i.e. Communion within the Clergy; communion within the Parishes; Communion among the Protestant brethren and finally Communion with all people living in Pakistan.

According to his previous interview to AsiaNews Archbishop Benny aims to build priestly fraternity and quality of education among the poor and is ready to take it as a challenge. He is also ready to take along the traditions of his predecessors and ready to give the highest priority to education and assures the Youth of the Archdiocese of Karachi that he will do his best in providing more opportunities through good education.

Another great news for all the people of Archdiocese is that all the Karachities are close to his heart, as he grew up and served for 24 years as a priest here in Karachi. Therefore, he is ready to work harder as there are many expectations from his family and friends all will be done with the Blessings of the Lord and the prayers of the faithful.

Dr. Sabir Michael, Human Rights activist and professor at University of Karachi in his comments has said that he whole heartedly welcome and appreciate the decision of Pope Francis for appointing His Excellency Bishop Benny Mario Travas as the Archbishop of Karachi. He is also hopeful that he will promote the Diocese and laity in spiritual, cultural and social development. And wishes him good luck and prays for his new Shepherd and for the people and flock God had handed him.


His Grace Archbishop Benny Travas was born on 21st Nov 1966 and was ordained as a priest on 7th Dec 1990.  He was also appointed as an Apostolic Administrator of Multan in 2014, and was elevated as bishop of Multan on 29th May 2015 and was consecrated bishop on 15th Aug 2015.

The new archbishop elect of Karachi was educated at St Patrick’s High School, Karachi. Later, he joined seminary to become Priest and graduated from the Christ the King Seminary and was ordained a priest of the Archdiocese of Karachi on 7th Dec 1990.

He went to do his licentiate in canon law from the Pontifical Urbaniana University, Rome and finished his studies in the year 1997. On his return to Pakistan he became professor of canon law at the National Catholic Institute of Theology. He also became the rector of St. Pius X Minor Seminary in Karachi, and Vicar-General of the Archdiocese of Karachi.

On 13th June 2014, Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Bishop Andrew Francis of Multan and appointed Fr. Benny Travas as an Apostolic Administrator of Multan Diocese. Later, on 29th May 2015, Pope Francis appointed Travas Bishop of Multan and received his episcopal consecration on 15th Aug 2015 from Archbishop Ghaleb Moussa Abdalla, Apostolic Nuncio to Pakistan.  

In 2016 he was appointed Chair of Caritas Pakistan. 

On 13th June 2020, he also inaugurated St. Peter’s CSS Academy in Multan and the main purpose of this academy was to encourage and facilitate Catholics to appear for the Central Superior Services (CSS) exams

And now on 11th Feb 2021, Pope Francis appointed Travas to succeed His Eminence Joseph Cardinal Coutts as archbishop of Karachi

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