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Encourage youth for STEM education, Thar Science Festival


MITHI: Mr Partab Shivani, the chief executive officer of Thar Education Alliance has said that with the successful organization of Thar Science Festival 2021 in Mithi they had leant how to further focus on the issues of the education sector in the desert district of Tharparkar.

Mr Shivani speaking to the media persons in his office in Mithi said that during various sessions people from across the country not only encouraged the students of more than 44 schools of the district for their science models and objects but had also shared the novel new ideas to further bring more positive changes towards the improvement of the system in Thar . “

Mr Asdad Gill, the deputy country head of Japan International Cooperation Agency in Pakistan said that Jica was all ready to educate all out of the schools youths of the district with the support of Sindh government through the informal way in any town of the district “.

he added and said that the proposal from Mr Gill was fully seconded by PPP MNA Dr Mahesh Kumar Malani. Shivani added that Dr Malani requested him to go ahead with that novel idea to educate the youths by establishing a modern centre in his constituency or in any other town of the district and announced to extend him the full support.

He said that one of the speakers, Ms Sanam Khoso came up with the wonderful idea that all female teachers like doctors and paramedics should also be given the hard allowances as incentives to boost up the falling standard of the education in Tharparkar .

He said that Mr Asad Shoaib of Bahria University of Islamabad also shared the valuable information and encouraged them to organize the festival comprising the various features and events in the shortest time.

The speakers also expressed their resentment that only 16 government high schools out of 64 had the science laboratories, adding he said that the key speakers also assured them of their assistance to raise their voice on such state of the affairs of the government schools.

He informed that many speakers urged upon the concerned high-ups to establish a science academy in Thar after the name of Mr Rohan Kumar, Khatwani, the wonder boy of Tharparkar, to provide the space and opportunities to the brilliant students taking keen interest in science.

Mr Shivani announced to organize Sindh Science Festival in Karachi by inviting the students from each district of the province and the experts from across the country.

He said that speakers also spoke well on the preventive measures from the deadly coronavirus and briefed the audience about devastating impacts of the virus and wayforward to tackle the pandemic in future while continuing with the necessary activities like studies.

“The people associated with Mala Fund, Pakistan Science Foundation, United States Education Foundation, ECO Science Foundation, Thardeep Rural Development Programme, Thar Rural Development Programme and other not only extended their assistance to them in making the festival productive and successful but also shared their ideas to promote our noble cause to provide the quality education to all the kids of Thar’ he added.

He also thanked the indivulas like DC Tharparkar Mohammad Nawaz Soho.

Advocate Veerji Kolhi, Dr Allah Nawaz Samoo, Dr Sono Khanghrani, Shushil Malani, Meena Gabeena, Yaqoob Pechi, Farhad Ahmed Jarral, Saadia Shabir, Kapil Dev, Sana Ishart, Krishan Sharma, Ali akbar Rahimoon, Professor Bhawani Shankar, Jawad Miani, Sikendar Bezenjo, Ashok azam, Mukesh Kumar, Mahadev Malkwano, his teammates, teachers students, media persons and all those, who had attended the festival and added their inputs.

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