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Madadgar 15 with improved performance


Madadgar 15 service by Sindh police in the largest city and economic hub of Pakistan with a population of around 22 million.

To make the city crime free madagar 15 call center was established major initiative of revamping of emergency response by the karachi police human resource increased to 2500 from 328 response vehicles increased 176 to 106, 24/7 round the clock patrolling average response time improved from 30-40 minutes to 07 to 10 minutes establishment of 7 district deployment is in progres
Short message service (SMS) is also activated for the mobile phone users.

These initiatives have made emergency response system more effective and public friendly.

The city in global crime index now ranks at 108th from 6th dangerous city in the world in 6 years.

Karachi police Madadgar-15 call centre was established in 1988 at Central Police Office (CPO) Karachi presently 15 call center is operational at first floor of Airport police station previously responding vehicles were working under respectively area police station presently they have been centralised under Emergency Services Division.

The Madadgar-15 Call Centre is working 24/7 receives average 10,000 calls per day the significantly improved performance has restored the trust of public in the police performance of Madadgar-15 Karachi in the year-2020.

474 accused arrested recoveries 127 pistols 26 cars 138 motorcycles 65 mobile phones police all over the world are adopting latest technologies not only for policing but also for public service Karachi police also progress and improving by taking advantage of technology Sindh government for the support in making this possible for the citizens of Karachi.

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