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PTI govt loses its senses after worst defeat in Senate polls: Shazia Marri


Central Information Secretary Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarian and MNA Shazia Atta Marri has said that PTI’s government lost it’s senses after worst defeat during Senate election.

She said that opposition parties have a clear majority in the Senate but federal Minster Information Shibli Faraz has been saying categorically that ruling party to adopt every tactics for winning the contest of Chairman Senate.

She said in her statement that incompetent and incapable government is now advocating for holding election of the chairman Senate through open balloting.

She added that, we have already said that the government does not trust on its members.

She apploudedly said that after winning the Senate polls, Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani’s victory as Senate Chairman will also be a victory of the people.

She further said that people are fed up with this incompetent government.

Shazia Marri said that masses have rejected those who often seen to defend the record rise in inflation and unemployment in the country on different Television talk shows.

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