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Students sit on 100-hour hunger strike for students’ rights


A group of students’ lead by Sindh Students’ Council (SSC) on Monday sits on a 100-hour hunger strike from 1st to 4th March demanding restoration of the students union and hostels for educational institutions.

A number of students, led by SSC chairman Ali Saqlain Chandio, Akbar Rizvi, and Hoshu Unar, staged a 100-hour hunger strike outside Karachi Press Club (KPC) against the never-ending ban on student unions in educational institutions, harassment, seeking provision of free education, hostels, and transport facilities to students.

“Students have been deprived of their fundamental rights including the right of union, hostels, transportation and free education,” Ali Saqlain said before sitting on hunger strike.

He said students are victims of harassment in educational institutions for the sake of marks and they are forced abducted if they speak against such injustices.

Kamran Pitafi, a student of Karachi University, said that we are paying heavy fees for the sake of education which is our fundamental right. He said student class is mostly exploited in every government and they are not allowed to raise voice against such atrocities.

Akbar Rizvi, a divisional organizer of SSC, said that their organization is struggling for the rights of students of Sindh, and today they have observed a 100-hour hunger strike outside Karachi and Hyderabad Press Club, respectively.

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