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Ismail Rahu demands Federal Govt, package for agriculture sector


Agriculture Minister Sindh Ismail Rahu has demanded from the federation to announce an agricultural package similar to the textile and construction industry, saying that farmers are not able to repay agricultural loans and interest.

Agriculture Minister Muhammad Ismail Rahu further said in his statement that agriculture has been ruined due to poor agricultural policy of the federation.Just like the textile mills were given the package, the federation also gave the agricultural package to the farmers.

The provincial minister said that the recent rains had affected cotton, chilli, tomato, onion, rice, sugarcane and other crops in 15 districts of Sindh.

Agricultural loans in disaster-hit districts should be forgiven.
He said that new loans should be given to small farmers and farmers on easy terms and interest free.

In the new Pakistan, sugar, flour, wheat, petrol, medicine, electricity and gas are non-existent and expensive. DAP fertilizer is not available in the country.

Ismail Rahu said that in 2018, he is getting Rs. 5,000 out of Rs. 2,400, Aside from the farmer’s earnings, the cost of Rs 70,000 per acre has also sunk. This situation is a matter of concern for the federation.

He said that the cost of agricultural production has gone up, Imran Khan has no agricultural policy, being an agricultural country and importing agricultural commodities, Imran Khan’s government has also snatched food from the mouths of farmers.

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