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By: Adnan Hussain Solangi

Space is a booming industry in current era. It is not just a industry but it is a market for many industries.

Humans nowadays are more attractive towards the space because it is a need of today’s era.

Space not only a topic or research material for scientist and few rocket nerds but it is a collection of resources humanity needs.

Recently 6 days back UAE has successfully entered in the orbit of Mars amazing thing about it that it was just a first attempt of UAE and a middle east country to go after the space and they make it.

They entered successfully in Mars orbit. On the other hand NASA’s mission “rover for Mars perseverance” has also landed successfully on the surface of Mars.

Aim of this mission is to preserve
ancient life, for that Rover will search for water and rocks and collect data from there because if there is water there must be life too. And all that data which rover will collect it will send back to the NASA for preserving.

Now all that shows how rapidly is space industry growing countries like US, Japan, China & UAE also has started their journey in this race.

Not only countries but private organisations Like “Elon Musk’s SpaceX” and “Jeff Bezos Blueorigin” are also included in this race of Space.

Surely Space race not only means to reach on Mars first but it means how vast can one in the exploration in this market of space not only included the space travelling but mission is to settle humans there in outer space, find life there and explore galaxies.

Not only that but it will also help us in many industries like mining because we have very limited sources here on earth but the space is full of them somewhere in future we can go and mine all those resources and we can utilize them for humanity.

Not only exploring hut development is also a phase of the space exploration if in the future humanity is going to settle there in outer planets then it also needs the things like food and houses so it is also a beneficial for those industries as well.

Also there is a huge need of transportation system there if humanity settled there and for some reasoned one have to go through in or out of the planet for that we also need an arrangement of transportation their.

So over all if we look space on a basis of huge market than it is a huge market with great potential for multiple industries.

No doubt that the space is the next era of new industrialization with the huge potential to revive dead industries as well as create new ones.

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