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Journalist Akbar Gabol rewarded with sheild and certificate


Awami Press Club Malir held ceremony to pay tribute to A legend of Malir Karachi journalist Akbar Gabol who has dedicated himself to serve the Karachi rural people by his journalistic character and raised the voice of poor, tyranny and hopeless and homeless people by his Gabol Media .

Many political, social leaders, writers, journalists and other professionalist people participated the ceremony in a great number.

On that occasion Yousuf Masti Khan that tolerance and patience has been over from society and people do not give value to alive people and be buzzy in back biting of others. He said that Awami Press Club Malir has changed that ritual and taken a wonderful step by appreciatting and paying tribute to distinguished Journalist Akbar Gabol whose example is not found throughout Karachi.

He said that they have change the attitude of them and have to perform responsible duty of journalism.

Gul Hassan kalmaty said that rural areas of Malir are under control of land mafia whose existence there is a good role of Akbar Gabol so today his heart and his conscience is very satisfied on paying tribute and appreciating the character of Journalist Akbar Gabol.

Khuda Dino Shah said that there are many obstacles and hindrances on the way of journalism and it is criticised alot but it’s true that journalists and some departments are still who have really done better for society and took their colleagues with them a head and Akbar Gabol is one of them.

Special guest of ceremony Akabr Gabol said that he is very thank ful to Awami Press Club Malir and its journalists who have appreciated and valued his journalistic character and paid him tribute.

He said that today his feelings are high and new spirits are occurred in his heart to have journalism more.

He said that very solemnly they have to perform their professional journalism.

President of Awami Press Club Malir Saami Memon, Azad Younis, Qazi Lateef, Wahab Balouch, Azeem, Saleem J Memon and other also addressed the ceremony.

At the end of ceremony Awami Press Club Malir and SDO rewarded Journalist Akbar Gabol with sheild and certificate.

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