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People of Razzaqabad protest over electricity and water closure


Resident of Bin Qasim Area Razzaqabad protested over closure of water and electricity in a great number here on yesterday led by Anayat Ali Shah, Babo Gabol, Faiz Sindhi, Javed Shah, Jani Kalmaty, Nabi Bukhsh and others.

Protesters reached at National Highway in the shape of rally and sat down the road hailing stern slogans against administration due to the protest and sit in traffic jammed and was made a big line of heavy vehicles.

Higher officers of PS Shah Lateef Police reached on report who contacted with K-electric management after that they had negotiation with protesters and assured them about recovery of electricity after that demonstrators finished their sit-in.

On that occasion lead people talked with journalists and said that Razzaqabad is an oldest area of Karachi where population is more than 30 thousands, K-electric management has cut off PMT and disconnect areas electricity even they have been paying bills on time.

They said that due to cut off electricity they have come in great tension and disturbance mentally and physically and shortage of water has occurred in a big amount in area and there is no water in mosque to take ablution.

They said that innocent children have been compelled to fetch water from far and wide area.

They said that if electricity is provided after assurance and they will sit down before K-electric office.

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