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Book fair set up at Murad Memon village


One day book fair was set up at Murad Memon village on the behalf of Awami Press Club and Sansar Publication where hundreds of book were kept including history, poetry, literary, ideology, story books, magazines in English, Urdu and Sindhi languages.

Book festival was inaugurated by prominent writer and researcher Gul Hassan Kalmaty, Social activist Saleem J Memon, PT Alif President Noor Muhammad Badal, Ramzan Memon, Khuda Dino Shah, Pir Hamidullah, Sardar Yousuf Gabol, Saami Memon, Azad Younus, Arshad Ali Gabol and others here on yesterday which was participated by numbers of peoples.

On that occasion PTI nominated candidate of PS 88 Jan Sher Jonejo, PPP representative Akhtar Arfani, Ahmed Memon, Saleman Rajpar, Professor Abu Bakar Balouch, Ramesh Raja, Manzoor Memon, Khamiso Khan Memon and others were also present.

People talked with media men that rural areas of Karachi are base of mega city Karachi whose resident are bereaved from education and political sense and this is first time in the history of Pakistan a book fair is set up at Murad Memon village where many young people, political and social workers have come much enough.

They said that rural areas of Karachi are filled with historical places and knowledge but they have not been given opportunities and platforms to show off their abilities so if such type of events and activities are continued then very soon youth of rural areas will become mature and sensible to gain their rights and facilities..

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