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We will fix the system, no more room for corrupt bureaucracy: Haleem Adil


Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Vice President Haleem Adil Sheikh here Saturday said that we are working to fix the system and corrupt bureaucracy in Sindh would be tolerated no more.

Addressing a press conference in Sindh Assembly, flanked by PTI Karachi President Khuram Sherzaman, PTI information secretary MPA Jamal Siddiqui, MPA Malik Shahzad Awan and others, he said that corrupt bureaucracy has a main role in damaging our system. He said we have also some honest officers, who are serving the nation and country and they are fighting corruption and bribery.

He said the Sindh government is not ready to tolerate these honest officers and they are not given chance to serve people. He said every officer who has tried to work and serve people is transferred out of the province, while postings are given to the blue-eyed boys, who obey the orders of corruption mafia.

Haleem Adil said that it is said that politicians are corrupt; however, corrupt bureaucracy is always behind these corrupt people. He said in past no government had ever taken action against this corrupt bureaucracy. He said two days ago Shafqat Mehmood had announced that new Civil Servants Efficiency and Discipline Rules 2020 have been implemented and now the corrupt officers who had struck plea bargains would be sacked.

Haleem Adil said that in Sindh corrupt officers, who had struck plea bargains after corruption of billions of rupees, are being restored on their posts to do more corruption.

He said the PTI government is determined to take action against all corrupt officers, and the corrupt bureaucrats of Sindh would also be sacked. He said no posting and no promotion should be given to corrupt officers and instead they should face inquiries. He said now the inquiries against corrupt officers would be completed within 105 days instead of prolonging them for years and years.

He said under the new law no officer could stay in one province for more than 10 years, as rotation policy for them has already been implemented. He said the officers whose assets are beyond their known sources of income would be considered corrupt. He said after this law there would be an immense pressure on the government of Sindh to take action against its corrupt bureaucrats. He said Sindh secretary finance Hassan Naqvi has made corruption of billions of rupees and he would be sacked. He said Fiyaz Jatoi is an expert of technical corruption and presently it is his fifth posting in the Sindh CM House. He said another bureaucrat Farukh Bashir is made a ‘direct IGP’ and he is involved in all sorts of corruption cases. He said the Sindh chief minister Murad Ali Shah has looted Sindh with both hands and many people belonging to his family are posted on slots from grade 17 to grade 22. He said we will make public their details.

He said the Sindh government expelled an honest officer like A D Khuwaja to replace him with a yes-man like Jamali. He said an officer who made corruption in pension funds is made accounts officer. He said Sindh chief minister is involved in all corruption in the province.

PTI leader Khuram Sherzaman said the tales of PPP’s corruption are well known all over Sindh from Karachi to Kashmore. He said every department of Sindh government is corrupt.

He said Sindh chief minister Murad Shah has got excellence in the field of corruption. He said Bilawal criticizes the PTI in his rallies but he should tell people how the ministers of Sindh have become billionaires.

He said the alliance of 12 parties is misleading people. He said all corrupt people would be made accountable. He said people of Sindh are now fed up with the PPP and it would soon vanish from Sindh.

MPA Jamal Siddiqui; however, said the Prime Minister is taking efforts to support economy and now the closed industries are gradually opening.

He regretted that due to bad governance of Sindh government, industrial zones of Khairpur and Islamkot are still closed. He said the rulers of Sindh are bringing new formulas for corruption. He said we will make these rulers accountable for ruing industrial zones of Sindh.

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