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Condolent program in the reminiscence of Aslam Memon held at APCM


Condolent program in the reminiscence of distinguished person Aslam Memon held at Awami Press Club Malir Murad Memon Village which was participated by political, social leaders, heads of area and residents in a great number.

On that occasion Nazeer Chana a close friend of Late Aslam Memon told paying tribute on the services and character of Aslam Memon in the program participants that if every man will remain alive if he serve public, spread education and knowledge and signify brotherhood.

He said that Aslam Memon lit the light of knowledge and opened many schools also preferred and struggled for girls education.

He said that Aslam Memon was a calm, kind nature and active person and many his devotees in libraries, schools and houses are in lamen due to his death even today so forwarding his character and his work is actually a good way to pay him tribute.

President of PT Alif Malir Noor Muhammad Badal addressed and said that he had not only a educational relations with late Aslam Memon but also had personal and spiritual relation, when he met was filled with optimistic and creative thoughts.

He said that Aslam Memon had good strategies to promot and make better education and being DEO of Malir he made many of his followers and students so all teachers should adopt foot steps of Aslam Memon.

Former district Councillor Abu Bakar Memon addressed admiring the character of Aslam Memon that he was the pride and recognition of their and when he is no more with them so they are feeling his significance.

He further said that Aslam Memon was a determinant and man of principles.
On that occasion SDO Saleem J Memon, Kiran’s Aslam Memon, Awami Press Club Malir president Saami Memon and others had also addressed in condolent program.

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