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Colourful Ceremony held to say goodbye to last setting sun of 2020


Malir civil society held a colorful ceremony to say goodbye to last setting sun of the year 2020 and welcome to year 2021 at Shrine of saint Hassan Shah Russian Beach by Awami Press Club Malir and civil society in which Literates, Journalists, Intellectuals, political and social workers namely Gul Hassan Kalmaty, Khuda Dino Shah, Rukhman Gul Palari, Pirah Soomro, Aslam Memon, HANDS representative Khalil Wadelo, Ali Kalmaty, Ashraf Pandhi, PTI representative Parveen Murad, Hanif Dil Murad, Tariq Balouch, JSQM leader Bikik, Awami Press Club Malir President Saami Memon, Pir Bukhsh Kalmaty, Ali Muhammad Kalmaty, Ayaz Qaisrani, Kashif Khaskheli and other from Malir’s far and wide areas participated in a great number.

On that occasion orators produced self and their organising performance and plans for upcoming year 2021. After that participants reached at Russian beach in the shape of rally where they demanded that Sindh Islands be used in the facilities of fishermen instead of selling and occupations on lands and residential schemes be ended now.

Program Participants stood in a line holding roses in their hands and hurled them into sea where poets Abdul Gafoor Shah and Shafqat Hussain Sheikh sang lateef’s song in melodious voice saying good bye to setting last sun of year 2020 and prayed for the flourishment, development, peace and prosperity of Sindh.Mentioned Orators addressed program participants and said that fuddy-duddy programs have been finished having strange function in order to say good bye and welcome new year.

There is a national message in every activity of Awami Press Club Malir and it is clue of sensible, intellectual and educated nation which defend its historical places and creates a way of good and beautiful future. They said that rulers should not take steps against temptations of public and deny from their promises which they have done with voters.

They said that unemployment also be finished so as to end starvation and poverty from province and Sindh’s historical remains be secured from destruction also all resources including Isles be utilised in the progress, development and prosperity of province.

In the end of colourful program singers Habib-u-Allah, Shafqat Sheikh, Ramzan Waheed Saroi and poets Syed Abdul Ghafoor, Imtiaz Danish and others made program memorable Singing songs melodiously and reading heart taking poetry

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