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Intellectual sit in Karachi on International Human Rights Day


On the occasion of International Human Rights Day, an intellectual sit in was held by the Rawadari (Tolerance) Movement Karachi in which political, social, and religious leaders participated and had a special discussion on the current situation of human rights.

Nabila Aslam, President of Rawadari Movement Karachi in her welcome note had said that in these days we really need tolerance, because everyone is trying to leave other behind and reach his target before the other but we must learn to help others and leave no one behind them only we can have a just society among us.

Listening carefully and whole heartedly also shows how tolerant you are? Listening to the problem of those in difficulties is my contribution to his life, which could not be done without being tolerant, she added.

Mr. Kashif Anthony, Coordinator of Catholic / National Commission for Justice and Peace, appreciated the role of Rawadari Movement Karachi and said that the work you people are doing is a great contribution in our country, we need to review and think behind to our culture believes and attitudes where we all had Tolerance and diversity among us, but now we are losing our values.

Mr. Anthony continued by saying that this human rights day is like a RETREAT for all the defenders and we must start from the beginning again with the same zeal and strength we began our journey, we must pray and help those who are facing troubles in getting rights.

Mr. Zahid Farooq from Urban Resource Centre and human Rights defender said that we must educate our kids and especially women who have the ability of brining change in the families and society.

Women who face intolerance and violence must teach their children how to behave and respect other genders and how to live.

Dr. Asghar Dashti, a Baloach professor at Federal Urdu University, spoke about the rights of the Minorities in Pakistan and said that we are waiting for Justice, Minorities are suffering and our Government must take serious steps in safe guarding them and giving them rights.

On this day of international human rights we demand our equal rights.

The participants expressed their concern over the poor human rights situation in Pakistan in the intellectual seat and paid attention to the human rights issues of government and institutions.

The peaceful struggle of the tolerance movement continues and will continue.

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