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RMI organizes gathering to gave message of peace & interfaith harmony


All Churches of Karachi united at a dinner gave a message of love, peace and interfaith harmony at a dinner organized by Rapha Mission International(RMI), Catholic Church and all the denominational churches at St. Patrick’ Cathedral Karachi.

On 12th Dec 2020 Rapha Rapha Mission International, Catholic Church and all the Churches of Karachi and other religious minorities and Muslims gathered at St. Patrick’s Cathedral for Interdenominational and Interfaith Dinner 2020-2021. The main purpose of this dinner was to raise the importance of a multi-religious society.

Therefore, Rapha Rapha Mission International, Catholic Church and all the Churches had invited all the leadership of Minorities and Muslims to join them and raise their voice together for Peace in Pakistan and in the world. This was one of the exemplary event in which all the major Churches of Karachi got united and appreciated the efforts for peace and Harmony.

His Eminence Joseph Cardinal Coutts, Archbishop of Karachi in his speech reminded everyone that this program of interfaith is another step of going forward for which his diocese already have been working. We should not only gather to celebrate but we have to be one in each other’s difficult times.

There was a time when we faced lots of terrorism and unrest in Karachi and it is the same Karachi city where lots of good people came up with their values and good work e.g. Abdul Sitar Edhi, Dr. Ruth Phau, Hakeem Muhammad Syed, Chippa and many others, they human friendly people, with every ones efforts we have peace in Karachi.

Cardinal Coutts also said that unless and until we our self go forward and take step towards others for peace; Harmony cannot become reality, he added. We must carry on with these gatherings, Cardinal Coutts said, may our living God bless us and give us strength and love so that we may carry on the work for peace. 

Illama Ahsan Sadiqui, General Secretary of Albaraka Welfare Trust International and Interfaith Commission Peace and Harmony, while starting his speech raised the slogan of “Alleluia” and requested everyone to say it together, it is a beginning of peace and brotherhood which is for the prosperity of our country, and we can do it with our small small good efforts which mark a big change in our society. We can all do it when we are united and denounce hate and announce love, one day we will be able to tell that we all belongs to a country which was founded by our leader Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, and on his dream where all will live in peace and harmony.

Mangla Sharma, Hindu Member of Provincial Assembly from MQM Pakistan, in her comments also thanked the Christian Community for their efforts for Interfaith and Dialogue, she further said that we all must organize these types of gatherings and must work together for the prosperity of our country and equal rights of minorities. 

Very Rev. Fr. Saleh Diego Vicar General and Director National Commission for Justice and Peace, in his speech had said that today’s program is not one day initiative, in this lots of people had their effort, wanted for a long time the same Interdenominational unity as Jesus said that they may be one. The same unity is present today and we celebrate his feast coming ahead. 

When there is pain and problem in our body we feel work for its betterment, in the same way we all have to work together for Justice in our community, and stand together and be united. We all, not only Christians, but also have to unite and stand together with Hindus, Sikhs and join together for peace and justice. Our God is God of Justice and everything is possible if we are united and stand together, we must go ahead united and this is the purpose of this evening of Inter-denomination and Interfaith Dinner. We need to work for peace in our country and have to fulfill the will of God by helping and serving the poor, Fr. Saleh Added.

Pastor suleman Manzoor, Chairman Rapha Mission International, in his comments had prayed for the Government, all the forces and lawful agencies and peace for Pakistan. He also thanked His Eminence Joseph Cardinal Joseph, Archbishop of Karachi, Very Rev. Fr. Saleh Diego Vicar General and Director National Commission for Justice and Peace and all the members of organizing committee of this program.

He also announced and invited Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, and Parsi and other communities to join a Christmas Peace rally on 20th Dec 2020 starting right from Christian Cemetery and ending at Karachi Press Club.

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