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Gas load shedding for domestic/industrial consumers shows incompetence of Federal Govt. :Jam Ikramullah Dharejo


Provincial Minister for Industries & Commerce and Anti-corruption & Cooperative Department, Jam Ikramullah Dharejo, while expressing concern over skyrocketing prices of daily necessities, inflation and gas load shedding, has said that industrial zones as well as domestic Gas load shedding for consumers is a clear proof of the incompetence of the federal government and the storm of inflation has turned the lives of the common man a living hell.

He said this while talking to various delegations in his office here today. He said that load shedding of gas for domestic consumers is a matter of concern with the onset of winter while load shedding of gas and electricity for industries is already underway due to incompetence of the federal government.

Jam Ikramullah Dharejo further said that the federal government had also given the gift of gas load shedding to the people which proved its incompetence that the U-turn government had no interest in solving the problems of the common people. He said that on the one hand the industrialists were worried and on the other hand the domestic consumers of gas were also helpless and unemployment was on the rise due to poor performance of the federal government.

He said, ‘ While the storm of inflation has made life impossible for the people, but nothing is being done to overcome the situation . ‘

Provincial Minister for Industries & Commerce and Anti-Corruption & Cooperative Department Jam Ikramullah Dharejo said the business community was suffering due to the corona virus but the federal government had not taken any effective steps to address their problems. He said that it was time for the federal government to take the initiative and provide facilities to the Corona affected business community.

Jam Ikramullah Dharejo said that the solution to the current problems facing Pakistan lies in the young leadership of PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and at that time only PPP can save the country from crisis.

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