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HRYO Organizes Human Rights Conference in Shaheed Benzirabad


On the occasion of Human Rights International Day Human Rights Youth Organization (HRYO) organized Human Rights Conference in Shaheed Benazirabad.

The Chief Guest of the conference was Mr. Tanveer QaimKhani, Central Secretary General, Human Rights Youth Organization.

Mahesh Puri Central Minority Secretary HRYO,  Athar Shoukat Central Information Secretary HRYO, Social Activist Aziz ul Hassan Siddique attended the conference as special guests.

Speaking on the occasion Tanveer Qaimkhani stated that ,International Human Rights Day teaches us to protect the rights of others, we must play our part, all people in society have rights that no one can take away, there are 30 articles in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that all are equal on the basis.

Today, on International Human Rights Day, I call on the international human rights organizations, including the United Nations, to resolve the Kashmir issue in accordance with the aspirations of the Kashmiri people, he added.

Moreover he said that, Today, Kashmir has become the largest prison in the world, There is no example of barbaric oppression like Kashmir in the world. The oppression and injustice that India is doing to the Kashmiri people is a shame for the human rights organizations of the world.

Minorities are being given full protection in Pakistan, satisfied with the initiative taken by the government of Pakistan for minorities said Mahesh Puri Minority Secretary HRYO.

Athar Shaukat, Aziz ul Hassan, Babar Jozaf and other speakers highlighted human rights and spoke about the oppression of the Kashmiri people.

The organizers of the conference were Rajab Ali Solangi Divisional President and Michael Bashir Minority President Sindh.

Conference arrangements were handled by the entire divisional team including M. Yaqoob Divisional Secretary General and Ashraf Dahri.

Tanveer Qaim Khani presented certificates to the best working members for human rights

Human Rights Youth Organization, presented a book on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to all conference participants.

Mr. Jouhan Sahotra Divisional President, Minority Hyderabad, attended the conference along with his team and Secretary General Tanveer Qaim Khani called on the Hyderabad Division team.

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