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PDM Lahore Jalsa Will Be a Referendum Against The Selected Government says: Dr.Atta Rehman Gilgilti


PDM to hold a referendum on December 13 against the incompetent government says Dr.Atta Rehman Vice President PPP Human Rights Wing Gilgit-Baltistan in a press release on Monday .

Pakistan’s future depends on democracy and constitution, adding that the country will not move forward unless free and fair elections and public opinion are observed. Minar Pakistan public gathering will be an example to the selected government he said.

Dr.Ata Rehman Gilgati further said that the people will give their reaction against the government by participating in the Lahore public gathering. The 2018 election was based on rigging, as a result of which an incompetent government was imposed, he added.

The PDM demanded that the should government resign immediately while free and fair elections must be held in the country. He said the constitution gives the right to peaceful protest in a democracy/ therefore the People of our country had participated in PDM public gatherings peacefully.

Further, he said that people were tortured in Multan when people came out from the venue of Jalsa there was no plan to manage the mob which was the sole responsibility of the PTI government to control the law and order situation while the administration was absent on the day of the event. The prices of flour, sugar, and petrol are not getting in control and the rate of inflation is increasing day by day, he said the main public sector are being filled with robbers in the PTI government.

Moreover, he assures that this public gathering will be a referendum, he appealed to the people to come out in the Lahore meeting and record their reaction against the selected government.

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