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Sanitation system collapses in Mirpurkhas


By: Shahid Afridi

In Mirpurkhas city, heaps of garbage has become a serious threat to human lives which is not less than a punishment for the citizens. According to the details, due to rampant corruption, political interference, incompetence and negligence in Mirpurkhas, the sanitation system has completely collapsed.

Various business and residential areas of the city including Satellite Town, Panhwer Colony, Bhansinghabad, Gulshan Colony, Mir Ka Plot, Gharibabad, Tourabad, Dholanabad, Lalchandabad, Hameedpura Colony, Heerabad, Nai Para and Scheme No. 2, heaps of garbage and puddles of sewerage water have accumulated on the roads and streets.

Garbage is not collected from some places in Satellite Town for months. Instead of paying close attention to all these areas, the officers and staff of the municipality appear to be active near the offices of the officers belonging to different departments, their residences and the surroundings. Despite dumping the garbage at particular place, the municipal vehicles dump the garbage in different places and set it on fire to destroy it, due to which the pollution is spreading rapidly in the city

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