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PTI MPA Malik Shehzad Awan criticises PPP over water issues


The PTI Member Sindh Assembly Malik Shehzad Awan holds a Public gathering at its constituency in Baldia-Ittihad Town on 30 November 2020, PTI supporters, activists, and the residents of Ittihad town had attended the public gathering.

While addressing the public gathering MPA stated over the challenges of water shortage and the role of water mafia faced by the residents and one of which allegedly belongs to a political party.

Member Sindh Assembly Malik Shehzad Awan termed the water mafia as a vicious circle of the society. He said that a PPP member allegedly sells water connections in Ittihad Town and more than 15 cases have been registered against him, while the said worker is also an absconder in several cases. This PPP worker and water mafia blackmail the people deprived of water, they allegedly threaten the residents over not getting it paid.

Furthermore, he argued that leadership of PPP Karachi and district including MNA Abdul Qadir Patel, Provincial Assembly member Liaquat Askani and Asif Moosa should clarify the status of a water mafia who is allegedly called himself a PPP worker and take strict action against him before it gets out of hand.

Moreover, he added that as a public representative, I will continue to defend the self-respect and rights of the people as the interest of the people is most honors to me. Even in this dire situation, we have informed the leadership of the PPP and I hope they will take action against this person in the interest of the people.

The Daily City News has learned that due to delay in the water supply in Baldia Town, NA-249, the locals are under high depression, the residents are at the mercy of water tankers mafia. The high authorities should take prompt action in the restoration of the water supply in Baldia Town on an immediate basis.

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