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PHRO Chairman demands the arrest of Majid Soomro’s killers


Peoples Human Rights Organiser’s chairman Ahsan Ali Khoso held press conference at Awami Press Club Malir over increasing crime at mehar city of Sindh and said that due to the negligence of Sindh police many young people have lost their lives by the hand of criminals.

They said that recently young man 25 year old Majid Soomro killed during resistance with criminals at Mehar city , killed Majid Soomro’s relatives called police on dailing 15 and also informed to police officers who did not come to help them on time of need that’s why public of Mehar city has come in tension so if killers of Majid Soomro are not arrested within a week then they will have sit in before Karachi press.

They said that Mehar is only a city of Sindh where business men and residents are looted and to whom chits of extortion are sent, recently Beti Jatoi’s businessman young Majid Soomro was killed due to resistance during looting although dacoit took away 13 lakhs on 16 November from owner of liver brothers.

They expressed pity and censured on SSP Dadu, DSP and SHO Mehar bitterly on the murder of Majid Soomro his relatives called said police officials but they could not come on incident place so relatives took away dead body towards civil hospital in riksha where doctor did its postmortem after sit in by relatives after that DSP reached at hospital against whom Majid’ relatives protested severely but SSP has not come yet on the incident place yet for investigation and he has just announced inquiry committee in order to end litigation.

Moreover they said that inhabitants of Mehar city have been hostage by criminals and their lives and business have come at stake that’s why they have become insecure, in all that situation police has been silent spectator by which it seems that police is in criminal side.

They demanded Chief Minister Sindh, IG Sindh, DG rangers and other high officers to arrest killers of Majid Soomro as soon as possible and sentenced them also have inquiry on those police officers who shows their negligence in matter

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