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Awami Tehreek and Sindhi Mazdoor Tehreek leaders hold press conference at APCM


Awami Tehreek and Sindhi Mazdoor Tehreek leaders central general secretary Zubair Noonari, central leader of Awami Tehreek Manan Sheikh and Awami Tehreek Malir president Advocate Rustam Meerani and senior vice president Ali Muhammad Balouch held press conference at Awami Press Club Malir .

They stated that pakistan Steel Mill is a national asset which has been destroyed financially and managingly and thousands of employees have been made unemployed due to what millions of families have come in food scarcity situation therefore Sindhi Mazdoor Tehreek and Awami Tehreek will play their combine role on 13 December and will have protest demonstration before Karachi press club also will announce struggle throughout Sindh.

They further said that International Financial Institute, World Bank, IMF and others have controlled strongly on docile countries pretending to give debt and get accepted their favourable decisions forcibly due to what poor countries sell their assets and resources also reduce fundamental rights of public and facilities to complete the conditions of debt.

They said that now Pakistan assets and resources are being sold to accomplish conditions of given debts by said financial institutions and thousands of employees have been fired from employments and sale of Steet Mill is part of those conditions.

They shared that all governments of Pakistan have razed Steel Mill for the sake of their benefits in the result of that current government is selling Steel Mill and making employees unemployed.

They proclaimed that Awmai Tehreek and Sindhi Mazdoor Tehreek have become active against economic murder of employees and started struggle.

They said that they understand that not only Steel Mill but also other private companies have started dismissing employees from their jobs and torturing on them mentally and physically so they are going to commence movement of protest which will come out in the shape of great protest on 13 December.

They demanded from government of Pakistan to restore all dismissed Steel Mill Employees and others private companies workers and have implementation on labour law.

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