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Hunaid Lakhani announces book titled ‘Story of Indus Civilization’


KARACHI: Revered educationist, politician and philanthropist Hunaid Lakhani announced that he would be producing literary work dedicated to the history of Sindh and publish it in the form of a book, the mega-project has started taking shape with his blessings.

According to details Hunaid Lakhani aims to compile the rich history of Sindh which is spread across thousands of years and bring it forth with the title of ‘Story of Indus Civilization’.

This pictorial and written account of history is expected to see the light of day in the early part of 2021.

Talking to ‘Voice of Sindh’ Lakhani said: “Sindh is one of the oldest civilizations that existed and is a shining example of cultural progress, brotherhood and interfaith harmony which one should be proud of. We will be publishing the book in English to reach a worldwide audience and spread awareness about the importance of the land we inherited.”

Lakhani expressed hope that the book captures hearts and minds of South Asians residing overseas while also catering to inquisitive minds of the west.

The book is being published on international standards and promises to be a valued addition in creating a positive image of Pakistan in the world along with educating people on the history of this land.

Editorial board of the book consists of Dr Umair Haroon, Najia Mir, Syed Fawwad Raza, Ali Abid Soomro and Iqbal Khursheed.

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