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Residents of Pipri had press conference over alleged police cruelty


Habitants of Larkana who have taken sanctuary at New Ali Muhammed Jikhio Village Pipri Malir due to the violations of PS Larkana police.

In this respect Ghulam Shabir Sheikh and his wife Razia Sultana Sheikh reached with their little daughter Saima Sheikh at Awami Press Club and had press conference here on yesterday where they revealed that Larkana Police SHO Khadim Hussain Magsi had tyrannised on them involving their son 22years Babar Sheikh in Alto Car lifting.

They said that they had given millions of rupees to Khadim Hussain Magsi as bribe but mentioned SHO is not ready to let them live free yet.

They said that they sold whatever they had and migrated to Haiderabad then Dabeji and after that they have come to reside at New Ali Muhammed Jokhio village Pipri.

They balmed that yesterday Neshero Feroz SHO Abdul Rasool Bughio raided on their house in Pipri and violated the respect of women and arrested Haji Ghulam Muhammad, Khalid Hussain, Waheed Ali and Raja Ali after severe assualt and took them away towards Neshero Feroz and now SHO of Neshero Feroz Police has demanded 5 lakh rupees.

During press conference they said answering the questions of Journalists that Larkana Police SHO Khaddim Hussain Magsi had arrested 6 accused in Car lifting case who were wearing police uniform and set them free after taking much enough bribe but their sons Babar Ali and Nadeem Ali are still in his custody and asking much bribe for their release which they can not afford to pay.

They also told that SHO Abdul Rasool had busted their naive son Nadeem Ali during the days when they were inhabiting at Debeji and emancipated him after 3 days taking 50 thousands rupees as bribe and now he has nabbed their son again.

They further told that at present their 6 members of their family are arrested in PS larkana and Neshero Feroz who are being tortured brutally there and said Police Stations SHOs have threatened to kill arrested in dramatic encounter and will arrest their women now if they are not paid bribe.

Ghulam Shabir Sheikh and his wife Razia Sultana Sheikh appealed Chief Justice of Pakistan, Chief Minister of Sindh, IG Sindh, DG rangers and humanitarian organisations that have justice with them and release their 6 family members who are arrested otherwise they will be compelled to commit a suicide

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