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I am going to Manchester


By: Kanza Abdul Haq

A factory owner in Faisalabad thrown keys on face of Governor Punjab Ch Sarwar and said “hold these keys, and I am going to Manchester! I may took an oath that literally We are all panic due to economy, my factory workers are with me so you just keep keys and adios!!”

This goodbye statement was a painfull statement by a factory owner and it was a slap on the face of government that if an owner is reacting this way! What about a worker? A gatekeeper? 

There’s a famous joke about princess ann( daughter of Queen Elizabeth ) once someone indicated tha famine situation and told her these people have no bread to eat and princess replied “why don’t these people eat cakes?”.

Government says if there would not be Corona then it was concrete sure that Pakistan should’ve got tital of Asian Tiger. It is same perimeter as Lahore was Paris and now economy is on its best….. 

A simple country man gives a damn to gdp, NP or any other income indication or scale, he just have a simple scale ” what he is getting and what he is earning” .

So Hail PM ,, stating with a bowed head in slavery,, O’Mr utmost handsome please have a pitiful eye on a local person!! Don’t make bumpy scales to know either we are making progress or not…

Just show us sympathy, because now I don’t know about poverty but I am sure poors are vanishing, they are just killimg themselves by attempting suicides or by killing each other for every remaining rupees ten in their pockets,, before announcing that you want to make Pakistan a developed state like China you entitled It as Riyasat-e-Madina, and  there Ameer Ul Momineen was afraid for accountability from a common person’s side and at day of judgement. 

Let people live…. 

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