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Malir Court lawyers boycott court proceedings


Lawyers of Malir Court held protest against Justices also had strike and boycott judicial proceedings and closed the main entrance of Malir Court and raised severe slogans against justices.

Due to strike by lawyers in court many people disturbed who had come on the hearing of their litigations and stood out of the court anxiously and painfully.

In this regards lawyers said that during the court proceedings a matter occurred between District Session Court Malir 4 Justice Arshad Malik and Malir Bar President Lawyer Fayyaz Soomro in justice chamber, Fayyaz Soomro called SSP Malir before Justice and also pressurized justice for stay order on a matter against which justice Arshad Malik declined after that situation of tension raised.

Malir Bar President Fayyaz Soomro had protest call to lawyer’s community on which lawyers of Malir Court had boycott of judicial proceedings and gathered at main gate also raised serious mottoes.

Malir Bar president Fayyaz Soomro talked with media and said that justices of Malir court donot respect lawyers and they behave with people who come to have their litigation hearings .

He said that they have complained many times before session justice but nothing has happened yet so they have had strike after being compelled.He demanded to dismiss those justices from Malir who donot cooperate.

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