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Teachers of IRC deprive from Four months salaries


More than 9 government schools of Karachi sea side areas like Ibrahim Haideri, Chashma village and others were handed over to Indus Resource Centre NGO which have been prey of mismanagement, inattention and ignorance due to what more than 50 teachers who are teaching there have deprived from their salaries from 4 month because of that teaching process has been totally distributed from a one hand and secondly starvation and dearth of food has occurred in the homes of those teachers who have not been paid salaries to meet their needs.

In this regards teachers started expostulating against NGO management ceasing teaching process.

Teachers Madam Samina, Parveen Jamila, Faiza, Karam-Deen and others talked with journalists and said that due to the unpaid salaries scarcity of nourishment has occurred in their house and their children’s education has destroyed even they can not afford to bear expenses of patients. They further said they have been upset and disappointed alot.

On the other hand mentioned area’s children’s parents Muhammad Juman Khaskheli, Iqbal Jat, Shabir Khaskheli and others criticised bitterly on Indus Resource Center NGO and said that IRC has been failure conducting schools which it has taken from Sindh Government, their children’s education has disturbed because of Covid19 virus and now NGO management is not paying salaries of teachers due to what situation has been worst.

They appealed Sindh Government to take responsibility of government schools back from NGO so as to save education from further destruction.

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