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ILF hosts reception in honour of Kashmiri Leader Hamza Farooque


International Lawyers Forum hosted a reception in the honour of Hamza Farooque (Kashmri leader) who is the great grandson of Moulvi Abdullah (known as the Socrates of Kashmir and the Mentor of the Great Kashmiri Leader Shiekh Abullah), at a local hotel.

After the recitation of the Holy Quran and National Anthem,   Barrister Habibullah Bolach presented Sindhi Ajrak, Mehmood Khan Advocate presented the Jinnah Cap and Sulman Farad presented flowers to the chief guest Hamza Farooque.  

Speaking on this occasion Nasir Ahmed Advocate, Chairman ILF said he is the great grandson of Moulvi Abdullah,  stating that his family strived with immense efforts for the pursuit of freedom for occupied Kashmir.

He further went on to appeal to the new President Elect, Joe, Biden, to take necessary steps regarding Human Rights violation in occupied Kashmir & decimation  amendment in law.  

Hamza Farooque speaking on this occasion stated that he will make sure that “a complete diplomatic offensive like never before in Pakistan’s history” will be taken with Pakistan developing a much stronger stance on all legal points concerning Kashmir.

He appealed to the aid of the Government of Pakistan and the Foreign Ministry to liaise with him to achieve this goal.

Hamza Farooque regarded Article 370 of the Indian Constitution to be an unconstitutional abomination which now has officially led to India being nothing more than an occupational force in occupied Kashmir.

Hamza Farooque further went on to state that this is a game changer in the dynamics of this crisis as the abrogation of the constitution came within only one month of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights releasing a report condemning India on the severe Human Rights violations seeking to probe into the issue.

The Human Rights report was released on the 8th of July, 2019 and the Indian Constitution removed Article 370 on the 5th of August, 2019.

Not only did India refuse the report, but being afraid of the consequences of an official UN probe which would ultimately expose India for the atrocities committed by the BJP Government they removed the article to justify the tyranny as an “internal matter”.

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