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Civil society and Landowners protested against Mukhtiarkar Bin Qasim


Malir land owners and civil society held protest against Bin Qasim Town revenue officer Mukhtiarkar Farhan Jatoi here on yesterday.

Protesters hailed mottoes against Mukhtiarkar Bin Qasim seriously holding banners and play cards in their hands.On that occasion demonstrators talked with journalists and said that when Farhan Jatoi has become Mukhtiarkar of Bin Qasim the rate of bribes has been increased.

They blamed that Mukhtiarkar Bin Qasim Farhan Jatoi humilitates degrades public and doesn’t work before taking high amount of kickback or bribe and takes 70 thousands on just 120 yards plot of Gulshan e Hadeed and asks 2 lakh on acre of survey land also takes 3 lakh on Sale NOC of per acre.

They said that he is engaged all the day looting and plundering landowners pretending to visit of them. They further told that due to the corruption of Mukhtiarkar faithful DC Malir is also being defamed.

They appealed Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Chief Minister of Sindh and Minister of Revenue to dismiss Mukhtiarkar Bin Qasim within a week and appoint faithful Mukhtiarkar if not then they will sit in before Chief Minister House.

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